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Commercial Planes

Updated: Apr 19

This is the famous Boeing 747. This is the staple plane that comes to most peoples minds when they think commercial planes. Boeing is the American Company that manufactures and sells commercial aircrafts around the world. Airbus are their direct competition which is from the European Union that sells in the same markets as Boeing does.

Do you find yourself wondering what plane you find yourself when crossing continents? More likely than not its a Boeing or an Airbus.

Since its inception Boeing has sold on average 450 commercial aircrafts and its sales have declined between 2019-2020 due to airline safety issues. The Boeing 737 Max began flying commercially in May 2017 but has been grounded for over a year and a half following two crashes within five months. On October 29 2018, Lion Air Flight 610 took off from Jakarta. It quickly experienced problems in maintaining altitude, entered into an uncontrollable dive and crashed into the Java Sea about 12 minutes after takeoff. Then on March 10 2019, Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302 from Nairobi suffered similar problems, crashing into the desert around six minutes after leaving the runway.

Fun Facts about the Boeing 747

- The Boeing 747 first flew in February 1969. Five moths before Apollo 11 landed on the moon.

-The 747 was first wide body aircraft ever produced, meaning. IT had two aisles in air cabin.

-The Boeing 747 was over 2.5 times larger than the Boeing 707, which is one of the most common commercial aircraft at the time.

- The 747 has a wing sweep of 37.5 degrees more than any other commercial aircraft in the world.


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